Transformer innovators since 1945

No-break systems (UPS)


Wesemann as specialist for transformers, power supplies and custom made solution provider is the first to contact for your specific power solution needs.


As a proven reliable partner with a broad know how for power systems Wesemann can also provide first class UPS (no break) systems. The exclusive representation of Vision UPS systems in the Netherlands offers a wide range of general product solutions to
offer as tailor made system.

With a Wesemann UPS system you are always sure of running power for your critical business components. A UPS system does not only preserve the power during the loss of mains but also provides netfiltering functionality and protects against frequency drops.


Continious protection

Working in a 24/7 economy makes continuity one of the most important success indicators. Failing ICT systems or vital production lines may cause serious consequences for a running business. With a Wesemann UPS system you can provide assurance and protection against the increasing chances of mains failures and allow a vision into the future of safe power and a scalable power solution. Merely thanks to the excellent quality and the good price level while offering on a custom based level you can rely on Wesemann.



Thanks to the many years of experience in shipping industry, medical applications and industrial environments Wesemann can provide you with the know how you may expect of the marketleader for custom made power solutions in the Netherlands. Standards, regulations and directives for the application of no break systems in medical examination rooms for example
prove that Wesemann is the right partner!



  • IGBT technology
  • Rated output power between 630VA and 800kVA
  • Input power factor at 0,99
  • THD <5%
  • Low soundlevel
  • Integrated solutions for energy distribution
  • IGBT Technology
  • Tower and 19" model
  • Autonomy time can be enlarged
  • Efficiency >98%
  • Hot swap batteries
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

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