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Medical transformers

The isolating transformer for medical application is used in dedicated medical environments as described in the European harmonized standards, in the Netherlands referred to as NEN1010. Internationally known as IEC60364.

The isolating transformers for use in medical rooms like examination, surgery or likewise are build according the latest standard for this specific type of transformer. In the Netherlands this standard is referred to as NEN-EN-IEC61558-2-15. This standard defines among others the windings, maximum leakage current and thermic behaviour. The two standards together define the exact behaviour of the transformer designed for three power types.

KEMA certification

The isolating transformers are KEMA certified and comply with the functionality and applicability according the Dutch technical
investigation authority TNO.


Wesemann acquired an extended experience in building isolating transformers over the past years used in different applications like marine & offshore, medical, industry and utility. Check the different reference lists for more detailed information.

Technical characteristics:

- Separated windings
- Short circuit voltage <3%
- No load current <3%
- Inrush current <8x Inom
- Static earth screen mounted on separated clamb
- Maximum ambient temperature of 45degr. Celsius
- Isolation class: B
- Protection degree: IP00
- Vacuum pressurized impregnated

Specifications and types:

Primary: 230V 50Hz    Secondary: 230V 50Hz


Type Power        in VA Dimensions in mm Weight    in Kg Primary protection
a b c d e f-Ø
M116-04 1600 192 200 200 160 160 10 20 8A/C
M133-04 3300 231 220 255 200 160 160 45 16A/C
M150-05 4750 231 250 255 200 280 170 68 25A/C


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