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Transformer cabinets

Wesemann designs and builds transformer cabinets for medical application. In the past years we have supplied several different transformer cabinets for many different hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. The transformer cabinets comply with the current standards for medical examination rooms and surgery rooms as defined as Class 2(+) and Class 3 environments.

In Belgium these classifications are referred to as S2 and S3. The cabinets comply with the European harmonized standards, defined as NEN1010. The transformers used in these cabinets comply with the standards NEN-EN-IEC61558-2-15 and IEC60364.

According the standards all electrical equipment in the above mentioned classification rooms is required to be protected by isolating transformers for which in the harmonized European standard a specific chapter is reserved, known as 61558-2-15. Together with the standard applicable for electro medical applications this generates a package of definitions for which the isolating transformer should comply with.

Transformer cabinets

Wesemann builds its custom made transformer cabinets for medical application usign a well equipped workshop and a high quality fully automated CNC drilling machine for high speed manufacturing of the mounting panels inside the cabinets. The transformer cabinets are complete assembled at Wesemann with forced ventilation and a innovative design for air flow through the cabinet reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling. The transformer cabinets are by design constructed together with a main breaker, impedance metering, over voltage protection and of course the Wesemann isolating transformers for medical application. If needed these characteristics can be extended by implementing lighting facilities, door open/close contacts or even a wireless energy consumption metering system (Wi-LEM).


Thanks to the experience Wesemann has built up in the past years we are often asked for our advice by engineering advisors when a new hospital is planned or when a hospital has planned some adaptions to existing surgery and examination rooms. Inside and outside the Netherlands Wesemann engineers are welcome on project sites to perform the final commisioning steps before starting the electrical power systems of the medical rooms.

Distribution cabinets

Not limited to the transformer cabinets Wesemann is also well capable of designing and construction distribution panels for medical application. One special design is the transformer cabinet integrated with a distribution panel which can save time, money and space. Contact our sales engineers for more in-depth information.

Corporate responsibility

Wesemann systems are build with respect for the environment and keeping an eye on safety in the production process. Also Wesemann cooperates together with a social workshop for employees with a disability. This offers the weak in our society a chance to take part in every day business. Of course Wesemann transformers are according regulations for lead free soldering (Rohs) and the transformer clambs are cadmium free. Wesemann supports initiatives in production with energy reduction.

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