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Power supply with integrated control panel for CT and MRI scanners

Wesemann manufactures high-end power supplies with an integrated fully customizable control panel for CT and MRI scanners.

The newest generation P2020 systems offer a broad range of solutions for imaging equipment, focused on -and fully compliant with- the latest legislation. The P2020 product range is available in different versions and designs up to a power rating of 150kVA. Naturally you will be professionally guided through the product selection process by our product experts. If necessary we can also assist you with advise and support on location for installing and energizing.

For experienced users we also offer an off-the-shelf solution, this solution is available through the Wesemann webshop:  This P2020/E system had a power rating of 90kVA and is the most used solution on the market. Naturally this system can also be customized if need be.

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