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Wesemann is supplier of isolating transformers for medically used rooms for many years. Wesemann specializes in the design and building of isolating transformers for medical equipment like MRI and CT systems.

With regard to the more strict standards for application of electrical equipment in medical rooms as described in the Dutch NEN1010-7-710 (Internationally known as IEC60364) Wesemann offers suitable solutions according the standards for examination rooms or surgery rooms. Wesemann is also supplier of electro medical systems in Belgium. For many Belgium hospitals Wesemann has already supplied isolating transformers for medical application and also complete cabinets including the applicable monitoring systems which are different than the systems used in the Netherlands. For more information please contact our specialized sales engineers.



Isolating transformers for medical examination rooms according EN-IEC61558-2-15 are mostly used in the Wesemann designed transformer cabinets and delivered to the project location like a hospital or care/cure centre. These transformer cabinets are equipped with the necessary (main)breakers, switches, impedance monitoring system, over voltage protection and display units to for instance a building monitoring system.Please also check the additional information about Wesemann branded impedance monitoring system Wecare for more options. According the Wesemann one-stop-shop concept you can also find the medium voltage distribution transformers, no break systems and cosinus phi equipment.


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