Transformer innovators since 1945

Regional ship industry


For regional shipping Wesemann developped various solutions. A good example is the shore connection transformer (SCT) in four different output current types.

For lighting transformers Wesemann provides a large range of different transformers as well as the specific halogen lighting transformers.



Look in the left menu for more information about the specifically for this application designed systems. The shore connection transformer varying from 16A up to 125A is available for three phase as well as single phase power system. The shore connection transformer solves with one solution two of the major shore power related problems like the earth fault and the inrush current fault when connecting a ship to shore mains. Wesemann provides also different types of halogen lighting transformers for use on board of ships.


Luxury yachts

For luxury yachts different requirements take a role in the design of a transformer. Noise levels should be extremely reduced and cabinets have to be painted in different than standard colour settings. Shore connection transformers should be able to work on different mains voltages and even sometimes different frequencies. Wesemann supplies transformers to all major Dutch luxury yacht builders and can advise when and where needed. 

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