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Stunning equipment for cattle

Wesemann Projects designs and builds stunning equipment for the meat processing industry according the latest standards and regulations.


Electric stunning of cattle is considered a humane way of slaughtering. The animals are stunned by using an electric pulse and then the actual slaughtering process follows the stunning phase.

The Wesemann stunning equipment is available in a hard poly carbonate IP65 cabinet and suitable for wall mounting.

By using the extended log function available through the standard web interface all performed stunning activities can be monitored and exported afterwards at any time.

Is the system is also equipped with an integrated bus system one or more remote display panels can be connected to the system. This display panel provides information about the stunning voltage, the stunning current and additional status information about the system.

The standard N350 stunning system can be set to a series of available output voltages, varying from 250V up to a maximum of 350V. A separate control module is also available.


Execution systems

Wesemann designs and builds the execution systems for cattle disease control initiatives as well. These systems are customizable according your specifications.

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