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EMC Filtering

EMC describes the issues of electronic and electrical systems or components to work correctly when they are in close radius of each other. In practice this means that the electromagnetic disturbances from each item of equipment must be as much reduced as possible and also that each item must have an adequate level of immunity to the disturbances in its proximity.

Wesemann provides a large range of EMC filtering systems. This range spreads from small filter chokes up to 750A coils.

Filtering systems are used for example in custom made UPS systems, frequency drives but also radio sensitive applications in rough environments near the shore like sea harbour cranes or machine building industries.

Wesemann Transformatoren
Type: custom made up to 750A filter chokes
Application: industry and offshore

Type: small emc filtering solutions, custom made, plug-and-play systems
Application: industry

Please contact our system specialists for EMC solutions when advice, additional information or a completely designed EMC system is required. Together with you as our customer we will find the best possible solution.

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