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Explosion proof transformers

Wesemann provides custom build explosion proof transformer systems according IECex standards.

Depending on the specific ATEX(IECex-)zone in which the transformer is used we determine together with you which transformer suits your needs the best. Wesemann can supply the transformer in ATEX (IECex-)approved cabinet and the applicable certificate. We have the engineering and design capabilities to manufacture and meet the requirements for all different ATEX/IECex hazardous areas. This includes EXd and EXp systems according BS EN 60079 standards. Our customers are working in the pharmaceutical, offshore, chemical and petroleum sectors.

Custom made and explosion proof transformer systems comply well with Wesemann and its competences as transformer specialist.

Please contact our explosion proof product specialists for additional information or a suitable solution.

Portable transformers for ATEX/IECex environments 

Benefit from Wesemann experience when it comes to products for hazardous areas. This portable transformer is available for use in ATEX/IECex hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2. The transformer is equipped with a rubber protective housing and available with different input and output voltages (110V-230V 50/60Hz to 12V-24V-42V).

The transformers come with the required certificates and the portable transformers can be safely used according the general guidelines.

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