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Safety transformer

The safety low voltage transformers (VT-transformers) are available in different designs and comply with all strict
standards of NEN60742. The transformers are manufactured according the standard defined power range between
30-100-160-250-400-630-1000VA with an output voltage between 49.9V, 42V - 24V - 12V. 12V is from standard
only availabe with an output power of 30-250-400VA. The standard input voltage is always 230V 50Hz.

The VT-transformers are available in three different protection degrees:
IP00 (open design, suitable for in-cabinet mounting)
IP23 (mounted in plate steel cabinet, protected)
IP44 (mounted in drip water proof plate steel cabinet or plastic cabinet)

Isolation class
All transformers are designed in isolation class B. The transformers comply with the standards in NEN40015 which
means that a test voltage of 4kV between primary and secondary windings should be withstandable, temperature
rise of the windings and the iron core measured at 242 mains voltage, long creepage and air spaces and creepage
proof solid connectors are compulsary.

All Wesemann transformers are vacuum pressurized impregnated (VPI) with a high quality casting resin which
makes the transformers most suitable for moist areas.

The VT-transformers with a rated output power up to 250VA are protected with a secondary side mounted fuse.
The transformers up to 1000VA are protected by a primary mounted special short circuit proof thermal max switch.

- industry, construction yard
- rubber mounted cabinets
- special designs with high rated output power (up to 50kVA)

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