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Variable auto transformer

A so called variac or variable auto transformer is a specific type of auto transformer in which the secondary
voltage is always adjustable.
A variac can be seen as the primary coil of a regular transformer. A secondary coil is simply not present.
Most of the variacs are of this type.

The secondary side of the variac is not isolated from the mains. This means that there is not galvanic isolation
between the mains and the secondary output. A specific type of variac equipped with isolation is available with
Wesemann partners.

The variac transformer is used in repair workshops, electro technical laboratories or seed growing glass houses.
The secondary voltage can be manual adjustable or servo operated.

Make Belotti Variatori (Italy)
- industry, shipbuilding, offshore, laboratory applications
- specific rough environment systems as specialist for systems in African countries
- Available with manual or servo operation, single phase and three phase column variacs
- fully customizable design

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