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Isolating transformers for medical application

Isolating transformers for medical application requiere some extra attention. Not only because of the rigid requirements for the electrical installations according the new standard in the Netherlands (NEN1010-7-710-A3) but also because of the specific standard for this type of transformers according (NEN)-EN-IEC61558-2-15 and IEC60364. Next to the development of isolating transformers also some products for the care&cure market like no-break systems, cast resin distribution transformers and isolation and impedancemonitoring of the transformers with external links to building management systems or internet monitoring are available at Wesemann.

The isolating transformer for medical application is mostly used in environments that should be protected against unwanted leakage currents. These specific isolating transformers are used in surgery rooms, examination rooms or in a kidney dialysis centre. The standard EN-IEC61558-2-15 indicates the requirements that this transformer should meet and the standard in the Netherlands (Internationally known as IEC60364) according NEN1010-7-710-A3 for the complete electrical installation between isolating transformer and application device. For example the amount of connected wall outlets to a 1600VA transformer is limited and also the maximum leakage current of the total power line is limited. This standard describes some more requirements the isolating transformer and the total installation should comply with.

Quality mark
All Wesemann transformers for medical application are certified by KEMA and comply with the transformer standard according registration number 2070753.01TNO in the Netherlands can advise Wesemann isolating transformers to be used in the designated applications and these transformers are checked and found applicable by the officials of this institute.

Wesemann is well experienced in the design and application of isolating transformers and complete distribution panels for medical application. Many large care and cure institutes as well as academic hospitals are equipped with Wesemann transformer systems. Some well known hospitals use Wesemann transformers in their most highly qualified surgery and examination rooms like Erasmus MC, Rivierenland ziekenhuis in Tiel, Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis in Zwijndrecht etc. Check the reference projects on this website for more detailed information about the past projects.

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