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Energy - traction and renewable energy

With the many years of experience in building low energy power transformers Wesemann is capable of providing specific solutions for energy distributors and energy suppliers. Wesemann continuously improves the efficiency of power transformers by lowering the no load losses, applying low energy materials and optimization of the supply chain by developing the green-leaf concept.

Please also consult Wesemann for transformer solutions in solar, wind and water power solutions.

Wesemann is well experienced in the designing and building of transformers, choppers and filters as well as air chokes on board of trains. Next to the rolling stock (also  16⅔ Hz) Wesemann is your partner for energy measuring systems on board (high speed international trains use specific materials for which Wesemann can advise) as well as for trackside. Please consult us for empowering solutions for high voltage AC and DC nets (6-pulse, 12-pulse and 24-pulse rectifier solutions). Opt for the experience of Wesemann!

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