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Pre-magnetizing system

Dutch transformer innovator and manufacturer Wesemann Projects B.V. has designed and developed its own pre-magnetizing system.

This pre-magnetizing system is an innovative and high-end solution that has been specifically designed to provide a durable solution for transformer inrush current problems. Currently the pre-magnetizing system is being widely applied at solar plants across the United Kingdom. New legislation that came as a result of the so called P28 study explicitly limits the allowed inrush current of grid connected distribution transformers. Applying a Wesemann pre-magnetizing system ensures that these demands are met. The pre-magnetizing system is shielded from outside climate in a green enclosure (RAL6005) that makes it blend in with the landscape and has been designed with safety and user-friendliness in mind. Since late 2015 Wesemann has supplied its pre-magnetizing systems to over 15 small scale solar farms where the P28 related legislation was applicable. Wesemann will be present at the Intersolar fair in Munich, Germany in June 2016. Please stop by for more information and personal advice on your project. More information can be found on our website:

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