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New ECO design directive for distribution transformers

As of July 2015 the European Commission will implement the new ECO design directive for distribution transformers.

These new directives are applicable on the European market starting July 2015 and is scheduled to be followed up by even stricter standards by 2021.

This directive is known as directive No. 548/2014 from the ECO design guideline 2009/125/EG. The scope of this guideline is relevant to all distribution and power transformers and defines the framework for environment-friendly design. One of the main objectives is the improved energy efficiency and the general environmental compatibility and this reduction of the CO2 emissions of the products. A preliminary study shows that the effectiveness of the transformers should increase by 20%.

The directive has a number of products on which it does not apply, such as transformers that have been solely designed for the following applications or purposes:

- Instrument transformers for supplying measurement devices, meters, relays and similar devices

- Transformers with low voltage windings for use with rectifiers to deliver direct current

- Furnace transformers

- Offshore transformers

- Transformers for emergency operation

- (Energy-saving) transformers for supplying trains with power

- Grounding transformers

- Transformers mounted on rail vehicles

- Start-up transformers for switching on three-phase current motors

- Test transformers for generating a certain voltage or amperage for testing electrical equipment

- Welding transformers for arc welding equipment or resistance welding equipment

- Transformers for deep water applications

- Transformers for explosion-protected applications in underground mining

- Medium Voltage (MV) to Medium Voltage interface transformers of up to 5 MVA

- Large power transformers (Only if proven that there are no alternatives to fulfil the minimum efficiency requirements by the directive)

- Large power transformers which serve as an equivalent replacement for existing large power transformers at the same physical location/in the same system

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